Water Supply Projects

Transfering the latest technologies in maintaining freshwater
and contaminated water purification

Engineers Without Borders

Involved in Oil and Gas Industry

Our Goal

Environmental Protection, which seeks to improve quality of life in areas of culture, hygiene, education and the economy


Message of General Manager

The Institute of Engineers without Borders –Iran (EWBI) is a situation for engineers, doctors, all university Graduates  of different branches, experts of technologies and arts, teachers, people having  constructive intuition and ideas, those who like to take paces for humanity  and needed people  and  societies. We welcome all who are able to have  impacts  with  the  goals of Institute.  It would be appreciated  for you with such situation to  be a member of EWBI being a Non Governmental Organization and Non Profitable Organization and do your best endeavor for this goal. Of course  acceptable salaries will be paid for your activities. You will  also have good moral satisfaction for the favor done in front of the God and your conscience.

Hassan SAFDARIAN – Gen. Manager   

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 Non Governmental Organization

 There are many people who have endowed themselves for their society, country and world. We know now that the very young men that scarified themselves for Iran. Without any physical and moral pain and anomaly. When somebody is ready to welfare his life there is nothing to claim for the valueless and cheep needs of life and nobody presumes to undercount their will and aim. There have been always men and women who have sacrificed for the well-being of others in need.

The idea is to organize volunteer forces and the people who are willing to act for the world has been formally recognized and has accepted by most of the government so that they are helped well in their aim and way. But Read More

Magna fringilla quis

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History of EWBI

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History of  EWBI

The Institute of Engineers Without Borders – Iran (EWBI), a Non Governmental, Non Profitable, Non Political Institute ‘NGO’, gained registration in March 2010.  Its inception followed the successful International Engineers Without Borders Institute of Germany, Sweden, Netherlands and other European countries. In Tehran, it was managed by one of the Iranians of EWBI ‘International’ plus sponsorship from the Iranian Organization of Environments in 2001.

As a Non Governmental Organization, the EWBI sought approval from the Ministry of the Interior through its 5 founder members submitting a resolution explaining the Institute’s proposed strategies and methods, which decree was granted in 2006.  Final registration occurred in March 2010 after further work by Founder Members. The Logo for EWBI is the Iranian Angel, ANAHITA, Preserver of Clean Waters. Read More

Engineers Without Borders

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